Bratanov Winery - Syrah Sans Barrique Wild Fermented 2015
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Bratanov Winery - Syrah Sans Barrique Wild Fermented 2015
Bratanov Winery - Syrah Sans Barrique Wild Fermented 2015

Syrah - one of the most beloved wine varieties for wine enthusiasts from the Old and New World. There is no definite information about the origin of the name, but it is also known as Shiraz - mainly in Australia and the wine regions of the New World. Syrah wines usually have a dense and powerful body, characterised by thick ruby ​​colour, aromas of blueberry, blackcurrant, chocolate. They carry a certain amount of pleasant spiciness and have excellent maturing potential.

Bratanov Winery, from the village of Shishmanovo, South Sakar is a family-owned winery. Over recent years the winery has become a benchmark for quality wines from its own vineyards. They grow and produce wines from Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, as well as the typical Bulgarian varieties Rubin and their emblematic Tamianka.



Syrah Sans Barrique of Bratanov Winery perfectly reflects the characteristics of the variety, complemented and enriched with the typical tastes and notes of the South Sakar terroir.

The Syrah ferments spontaneously - sulphites only are added - with the natural microflora of the vineyard (the so-called wild yeast). The wine has matured for 12 months in a neutral utensil without oak (sans barrique), followed by another two years of ageing in the bottle.


The colour is dense and solid, with ink hues, pronounced aromas and taste of ripe red and black fruits, cherry, dark chocolate, and soft pepper. Velvet tannins, long and distinctly elegant finish, inviting you to the next sip.

Tasty and complex wine with great maturing potential.




The wine is ranked № 13 in the Top 50 ranking of DiVino for 2019.

It was also awarded in the Best Buy category of DiVino Top 50 for 2019 (price / quality ratio.

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